This is going to be a short, concise and effective article. If you are lazy to read, everything is in the video just above, you just have to make a coffee, put your feet on the table, and watch!











We took Ryanair from Nice on Friday night. Often flights are cheaper from Nice (we live in Marseille), or the dates are better for you, so I invite you to always look at airports not too far from plus yours, you never know! We paid 190 euros return for two people, departure Friday night, return Monday afternoon.

There is an hour of time difference (19:30 here, 18:30 down).

Arrived at Dublin Airport, we took the bus Aircoach directly, they sell tickets at the exit of the airport, you can not miss them. The price is 10 euros each, which is a good price for simplicity. You just have to tell the seller where your home is and he will know which is the nearest stop! For us it was the O’connell Street stop closest to our hostel. And hop, what a beautiful transition.






Again, via, we booked 3 nights at the Jacobs Inn, a bit off-center (compared to the district of Temple Bar for example, it takes about ten minutes to walk, but it’s done quickly, even in the cold).

Again, we booked 3 nights at the hostel Jacobs Inn, a little off center (compared to the district of Temple Bar for example, it takes about ten minutes on foot, but it is done quickly, even in the cold).

We loved this hostel, it’s very clean, well decorated, it has a good atmosphere, and despite the world and the number of room and bed (we were in a room with 12 beds), we do not felt in a factory. In our room there was a small bathroom / toilet which is super convenient when you do not want to go to the communal toilet in the middle of the night! The managers of the hostel are lovely but EVERYONE is lovely in Dublin, it’s really impressive. This is what we will remember the most of our weekend there, and I can not wait to go back there to get to know this lovely people.

I put the link here from the hostel, we paid 178 euros for two people for three nights, breakfast included (it’s not a luxury breakfast, but it does the trick!). We agree that it is not  » cheap  » but Dublin is not a cheap city, it is about the price of Paris. What is cool when you book on Booking is that you have discounts on some entries (for example the Guiness Store House).









Trinity College

We start with what I absolutely wanted to do!  Trinity College is a Dublin University, founded in 1592! The architecture of the buildings is quite impressive, you can do a guided tour (14 euros) to see the different parts – Book of Kells, Science Gallery, Zoological museum – or you can just go see the library (10 euros), this which includes access to the library and the exhibition of Book of Kells (no spoil). We opted for the second solution, I let you see our video. I loved it, this library is huge, majestic, unique.




Temple Bar Food Market

Then we wandered into the center, explored some shops (without buying anything, I’m proud of myself), walked on the cobblestone streets with a super nice weather, to then reach the little market of the district of Temple bar, and take some parts of pies huge and so good! The market is there every Saturday from 10am to 16:30pm. Do not hesitate to go for a ride!

(images in the video, I shoot 1000 times more than I take pictures …)



Christ Church

Our favorite of the weekend, we spent a lot of time! I do not know why we felt so comfortable, I didn’t want to leave! This cathedral is very beautiful, and especially full of history (like all the cathedrals you’ll tell me). Read the little booklet they give you at the entrance of the cathedral, or take part in the guided tour, we learn a lot of things, anecdotes, history on Dublin, and in addition you can ring the bells in the tower at the end of the visit (see our video, yes yes I insist). You also have a little surprise in the crypt downstairs, a mummified mouse and cat, legendary. The entrance is 6 euros and the guided tour is 4 euros.





St Stephen’s Park

In the center of the city, this small park is very nice, full of birds, there are small lakes, benches and there was sun when we were there, so we were the happiest!








Guiness Store House

Unmissable tour of Dublin, attention it takes more time than we think, if you want to read everything, watch and listen of course. There are I believe 5 or 6 floors, which trace the creation of beer, the specialty of Guinness, the story of Guinness, a tasting (that we did not do because there was a huge tail – Drunk band), Guinness advertising, the shop and the top floor Gravity Bar with a 360 degree view of Dublin, and you can have a beer (you get a free beer with your ticket). We liked it a lot but it was a bit long on the end, we got a little fed up and left.

The entrance ticket costs a little over 25 euros, it is 17 euros on the internet and you have 10% with the Jacob Inn.





Dublin Castle

Ah the castles, we love it! Here also guided tour or not, it’s like you want! Without a guided tour, you can read the booklet and the many panels. We loved to wander around the castle, read the explanations, learn a lot about this fascinating story of Dublin! If it rains during your visit to Dublin (which will surely be the case), I find that going to this castle is the best way to forget the rain !










Escape Dublin

As usual, we looked for an escape game to do. We found Escape Dublin, and loved it! Of course, no spoil, but the riddles are great, the manager very nice (but we’re used to it), except for a few small « technical » problems that he probably had to settle as soon as we left, it was super – plus we managed to get out on time – there are 4 – 5 escape games in Dublin I think, the one is particularly good at the location, it’s all right on St Stephen’s Park.

Of course, do not forget to book before, it’s obligatory.

Escape Dublin / 6 Whitefriars, Aungier Street, Dublin 2 / +353 87 449 6702







Phoenix Park

This park is HUGE. I’ll let you find it on Google, you’ll see it’s awesome. It is the second largest park in Europe after Birmingham. And inside there is everything – large lawns, trees, cricket and polo, a castle, the residence of the Irish President and the ambassador of the United States, a zoo, a huge obelisk – there is plenty to do for a day of good weather. It is out of the way, in addition to being big so I really think it takes a whole day for this park but it must be worth it! In the summer there are festivals there, it must be super nice.


St Patrick’s Cathedral

It was closed when we went there unfortunately, but the lady of Christ Church advised it us, she must be very beautiful and full of history. There are sculptures, tombs, a library, all to learn ! The « garden » of the Cathedral is very nice!




Whiskey distillery (Teeling)

I think whiskey is the alcohol that I hate the most after gin, so I must admit that I did not have a crazy desire to go there although it is always interesting to learn new things! But obviously if we had stayed a week, we could have gone for a ride. Ireland is also a big producer of whiskey in addition to beer, this distillery is very recent but it traces the history of whiskey in Ireland with a museum and you can see the course of production! You can also enjoy whiskey with their different formulas at different prices, and the guided tour is between 15 and 30 euros per person, I let you go see all this here!



We arrive at the most important …




I will quickly list the bars we have explored and favorite! The Temple bar is filled, and all those around too. And I do not like crowded places! So we found you small or big bars very cool! I put you the links of the sites or facebook page for each bar!





By far our favorite, the atmosphere is great with musicians playing traditional Irish music among others. When we go back we think it’s very small but in fact there is a big room behind, and a terrace! It was close by our hostel! An authentic Irish pub, without  »chichis », that’s what I prefer.






Like two bugs we spent 10 minutes finding it once in front because there is no sign! It’s a normal door, you enter, go upstairs, and you come to a huge space with bars, good music, and a super nice well-decorated exterior with heating, which also has access to the bar. It’s not cheap but they do a lot of cocktails, there is a choice!



We got there early so we had a table with seating, however when we left we realized that it was packed! But it’s normal, good atmosphere, good light, especially very good music, normal prices, good choice of beers. Upstairs there is a small room where there are small sepctacles, concerts, one man show etc … There was jazz when we went for a ride. In short if you’re in the area (it’s not in a tourist area), do not hesitate!




For this bar I will cowardly copy paste a small article that I saw on this bar in The Guardian that sums up the atmosphere particularly well.

 »The Stag’s Head, like many dyed-in-the-wool Dublin pubs, suffers from multiple personality disorder. Centred round a Connemara marble surface and watched over by the eponymous stuffed beast, the main bar is a vessel of Victoriana. The old smoking lounge is a lovely lunch spot. Upstairs is by turns bookish, rowdy and random; and the less said about the basement the better. Patrons include a mix of Trinity students, brokers from the nearby Stock Exchange and miscellaneous blow-ins. All are equal at the Stag’s, however. It’s even rumoured that Quentin Tarantino, trying to get an after-hours tipple, was once refused for pulling rank. »




It is at the end of this list because we did it last, but it is with the Celt, the one where I will return without hesitation! Very original bar, video games, music dubstep, top waitress, and when you spend a big black curtain you can also have dim, jazz, classy light atmosphere. This bar was recommended by a Dubliner, and we did not regret going there! Very very cool. (Yeah I do not have the same pen as the guy from above).







We did not do much, except for those two, I haven’t any memories of where we ate! We had to nibble here and there …


Initially we went down because we had read that it was the only place in Dublin that took Bitcoins, but once there they told us that it had been 2 years since they stopped accepting the Bitcoin … Never mind! This is still a very good restaurant, a wide choice, perfect for a lunch – salads, sandwiches, burger, toast, desserts – or a beer. They had to refuse many people while we were there (we are lucky each time we arrive before the crowd), so if you want to go, go early or book if you can!


This is called a Gastropub, the name speaks for itself eh no need for explanation. We ate very well there (a burger – I can not do without it), but for the choice of beer, Rémi was not impressed, and my cocktail … I think it was the worst of the card – it was a mix of limoncello and prosecco, i love both of them but mixed it looked like a toilet product. But I was unlucky, the rest must be very good! (I see some on the other table). In any case the place is beautiful, we eat on high or low tables, the toilets are very cool (well it counts), it is right next to the Stag’s head, in the center.





This small weekend was a huge breath of oxygen, and seeing so many nice people in such a short time is very confusing! The city itself is beautiful, very pleasant to live, part bad weather I can easily live down!



Dublin, Ireland

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