Salut les pitchous, third and last article (in two parts) on our road trip in Iceland ! *snif snif*

The last days were great, we were tired but so happy … I think it shows on the video, really go see it, take a few minutes of your time and enjoy these beautiful landscapes and our happy faces.



DAYS 10 & 11

Laugar (Myvatn lake) -> Stykkisholmur (4hours30)

We start from our great campsite on the farm in Laugar (Lífsmótun) to go to the Snaefellsnes peninsula, in the west of Iceland. Basically, we planned to stop in the evening in Borganes, and to do the rest of the way to the peninsula the next day, but we found NO camping in Borganes except for a kind of cabin with a semblance of cooking and a toilet really not clean, all that paid … (apparently someone was spending the evening to get the money back). Obviously it was out of the question that you pay for this scam. So we drove another hour to reach Stykkisholmur, which is at the top of the peninsula. I think it is a good compromise, the next day we had only to leave to discover the peninsula without making additional route.

Stykkisholmur campsite is good, it has a warm room with tables, chairs, bar, washing machine, toilet and kettle, this is where the reception is also. And you have more showers (free but outside too, I admit you we have not tested), toilets and what to cook (outdoors). The site is big, and nice.

What to do in the Snaefellsnes peninsula ?

Golden beach Skardsvik

You have probably noticed, the golden beaches in Iceland, it is rare. They are almost all black. This is golden (we are far from the golden that we know, but it’s true that it is not black), nothing crazy, but it’s a very nice place, the road to go is cool.



Saxholl volcano

We could not do the last day without volcano;) It is not big, but easy to climb (there are steps), the view from above is great, there is an orientation table at the top .



The famous glacier of the peninsula. So we did not understand by  » where to take it  », we tried by the F570 road (again 4×4 essential) and we go up to where we could drive. Once parked, we were overrun with a fog like I had never seen before. It was impressive, movie atmosphere  » apocalypse  ». But suddenly we could not hike, we did not really see anything and we did not want to get lost. So I can not tell you precisions about this hikking, I searched a lot on the internet when we were there but I did not find anything – maybe we were at the right place, maybe not … Anyway great view from above, and the arrival of fog made this moment exceptional. If you have more information about this glacier, do not hesitate to say it in comment!




Hikking between Arnarstapi et Hellnar

One of the most beautiful hikes that we made. Very easy, it lasts less than two hours by going quietly. We left from Arnarstapi but you can do the opposite too. On the Arnarstapi car park you will see a big stone troll, this is the starting point. You will spend the next two hours at the edge of the ocean, and again in old lava flows, covered with moss. Once in Hellnar, after crossing the wooden bridge, you will come across a very small restaurant, they makes delicious pastries. For the first time of the stay I offered myself very good waffles at 14 euros (so expensive). And this is also the place where we saw a seal for the second time, we were the happiest to be able to observe this magnificent animal.


Capture d_écran 2017-11-22 à 22.10.19

See you soon for a summary article of this road trip with a clear itinerary.

In the meantime you can go see the first three articles:

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-> Landmannalaugar / Vik / Hofn

-> Fjords de l’Est / lac Myvatn


English version – Road trip Islande / Snaefellsnes peninsula

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