I think it will take us a long time before we fully explore the Luberon, and even when we know it by heart, I think we will love it all the more.





It is really a region that I like, everything is beautiful, soft, varied. And then the wine THE WINE ❤

To tell you all, the aim of this weekend was to go around the castles (we had to make 6 of them in all), but you will see, life has led us elsewhere!

Come on, we’ll take you with us! Watch our video to start (well if you want eh) (but it’s cool) (I like it anyway)

Against all odds, our friend got up on time, and we were able to leave all three in his small van Saturday morning at 9am from Marseille, direction Ansouis!


Marseille -> Ansouis (1h)

This village is really super cute, a village typical of this region, all stone, with millions (yeah at least) millions of flowers, pretty shutters (I like the shutters), the whole panoply.

Ansouis Castle : We had not really inquired before, but arrived in front of the castle, we found it closed. Indeed, it only opens at 3pm for a guided visit only. In any case, from the outside it is really very beautiful!

From April 1st to June 15th and from September 15th to All Saints’ Day: opening at 3pm for guided tours (every day except Tuesdays and Wednesdays)

From 15 June to 15 September : 3pm and 4:30pm

Rate : 10 euros

Website : Ansouis Castle


Ansouis Church We went to the next door, which hid a very pretty church, to do my little tradition of burning a candle for my little grandma

We did not stay long in Ansouis, but it’s good to walk in its streets, which were more deserted at this time.

If you want to know a little more about this village, I advise you the very good site Luberon.fr, it’s here !



Ansouis -> Lourmarin (15mn)

We have been to Lourmarin on our last trip in the Luberon, and although it is a very touristic city (especially on price level) it is nevertheless super cute, with small alleys, pretty shops , and once again a beautiful castle. We did not visit it again, but I would recommend going there for a walk. Do not hesitate to go on the website of the castle to be aware of the concerts that there is, the person who owns the castle is great to make live culture in this magic place (website)




We spent a little time with the donkeys that were in the meadow, next to the castle.

Lourmarin -> Bonnieux (20mn)

We should not stop at Bonnieux, but the city has attracted our attention. No castle but you can climb up (on foot) to admire the Old Church, and have a sublime view.


Bonnieux -> Lacoste (10mn)

We drove up to the top of the village to reach the castle of Lacoste. When we arrived downstairs we stumbled upon a door where we had to ring to be able to visit from the inside (and I’m not sure why we did not) (I warned you). The site has been partially renovated, but quite frankly I do not know if it’s worth getting in. You can call 04 90 75 93 12 for more information. On the other hand we left the car up, and we went down the village leaving the castle, and it was more than pretty. From tiny alleys, with a religious calm, it felt really good. We arrived at the Café de France, a restaurant with an incredible view. The prices are very reasonable, the dishes hearty and really good! I recommend this restaurant for a mid-day break !


Lacoste -> Pont Julien (9mn)

It was from there that we no longer followed the plan that we had prepared a few days before. On the road, we saw this bridge, and there were many cyclists. And since we had the good idea to take our bikes, we figured that it would be quite a bit of a bike ride. What is cool down there is the Véloroute, a road made only for bikes and which is super big. It’s go from Beaumettes to Paraire, its passes throw Lumières (Goult), Pont Julien (Bonnieux), Le Chêne (Gargas), Rond-Point de Bosque (Apt), Apt, Saignon, Caseneuve, Saint-Martin-de-Castillon, La Paraire (Saint-Martin-de-Castillon). There is a lot to do ! We have done a good part of it until we get out of it, and get lost a little in this beautiful countryside, we passed through very pleasant trails but rather steep, while the road to the Veloroute is rather flat. Again I advise you to visit the site Luberon.fr to know more about the bridge Julien! And then, at one point, we came across a vineyard, Domaine de l’Angele, and we were very happy to have fallen on it. We bought two bottles of wine (delicious on the way) and we left on our bikes after a little tasting. Here you have the very well-made list of the sixty vineyards and cellars of the Luberon, it makes a package!

And thanks to Jacques, the owner, we went to the campsite La folie (so yes it does not feel like it, but in fact it’s a farm!), hold by Jacques’s uncle and which is in Lagnes , right next to Fontaine-de-Vaucluse.


Pont Julien -> Lagnes (20mn)

And what a nice surprise when you arrive! This place is beautiful, there is the main house (where you can buy local produce), the showers are very clean, and there is plenty of space for camping along the river. In the summer it must be a little more full than that. We paid 15 euros for tent for 3 peoples + car. The gentleman who keeps this produces his own vegetables and sells them at the market. He advised us to go and see him the next day, at the Coustellet market, which is apparently not unfamiliar, it’s « trendy » as he says (this man is magic, a real character). After a great night’s sleep despite the rain, we repacked our great new tent ❤ and went to this market.


Lagnes – > Coustellet (10mn)

And indeed, this market is great. The products we found are delicious. (The next day we had finished). Cheeses, olives, jam, juice, ham, DE-LI-CIOUS ! A little favorite for Provençal flavors – Les saveurs provencales, and especially for sparkling spread (it is milk chocolate with sparkling sugar, a delight!). They have a huge selection, salty, sweet, and they are lovely!

Coustellet -> Baux de Provence

We did not think of going through this, but luckily we changed our minds! So certainly the Baux de Provence is quite touristic (much even), but what is beautiful … We started by the Career of Lights, what a slap! The principle is projections of images, videos, on the rock itself. It is perfectly « arranged », the sound is taken, and we could have spent hours watching this show. I believe the themes change every year, we had Bosch, Méliès and Philip Haas. It’s hard to explain but I let you watch the video and photos.


There is also, a little further, the village and the castle. So I loved much less, I found it much more false, more touristic, less charming. The castle which is at the top, is nice but I don’t know, did not really appreciate it, I will not know why (maybe also that I was hungry;)). On the other hand I think that if you like, you can spend the day there because there is quite a lot to do!

Be careful, to park there are places paying, with a parking meter, which accepts only the pieces which has a single rate of 5euros.

For the quarries + entrance to the castle + entrance to the museum (which we did not do because I just realized it counted the museum!), we paid 18 euros per adult. Just the quarries were 12 euros.


After that, I was hungry, and we had so many good things waiting for us in the car! And we wanted freshness and lake, so we found on Googlemap Lake Peiroou, which is 3km south of the archaeological site of Glanum. So I will not hide that it was crowded, but once we could find a place, it was very nice. We have with it concludes this beautiful weekend beautiful end.


Lac de Peiroou -> Marseille (1h10)

Capture d_écran 2017-05-22 à 16.22.43

I can only encourage you to go and discover this region, and for the Marseillais, it is so close to us! We had a wonderful time, and we really recharged in a short time.























English version / Lubéron, France

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