Why not Austria ?





I’ll let you first watch the video of our past week ! Just one click down there 😉



It’s not far from France, it’s beautiful, it’s green, it’s big …

I will not go through four roads, this ‘road trip’ (a week certainly but road trip anyway), was amazing !

The people are very nice, very considerate, and it’s really beautiful. On the other hand, yes, it’s raining. A lot. All the time. But it did not really seem to bother people, and for the southerners that we are, I admit that we get used. If you go there, you will probably have more chances than us, we have apparently fallen on a bad week!

We are far from having seen everything, especially since we did not even go to Vienna or Salzburg which are apparently the two big cities to see absolutely! We did not do either the south of Austria which attracts many tourists by these great lakes in the region of Carinthia.

Here is the way we have done, if it can help some!


+ Saturday, 8 pm

Marseille -> SanRemo (Italia)

To not make a long trip in one block, we decided to leave just after the work on Saturday.

SanRemo is 3 hours drive, and I found a few days before a hotel not too expensive (at least not too expensive for this region … the Italian coast is very popular apparently) on Booking.com (despite the many publicity there is on the site, I find it really great)

Big frustration of this hotel, we had a view on the pool, it was so close to us … But open from 10am to 7pm, so we just looked the pool with 25 degrees ambient.

We were at the Hotel Ariston Al Mare (named Ariston Montecarlo now) , parking available (3 € 50 a day), Italian breakfast (yum), and roomy room, with terrace. I recommend it if you go through!


+ Sunday, 9am

SanRemo -> Innsbruck – 7 hours road

In hindsight we should have left even earlier because of the heat that awaited us all over the Italian part, and even in Austria (which announced the bottom a good big storm).

We went to drop off our stuff at the Sonnenhof Hotel (actually ‘hof’ means ‘hotel’ in German) which is in a commune belonging to Innsbruck-Igls.

It is about fifteen minutes by bus or car from the center of Innsbruck, and this allows for better prices.

The hotel was really good, (good especially with the 6-7hours car in the leg, the big bed, the big shower, and the terrace were more than welcome)

The staff very welcoming, the hotel quiet, and a nice view of the mountains



Sunday 10th July aka Final of the Euro Cup of France-Portugal.

We wonder if we will can see the match in town, if the Austrians attached any importance … The answer is YES.

The atmosphere in Innsbruck was great, and we found a bar / restaurant more perfect to see it. (Magic Pizza Kebab – Innrain 1, 6020 Innsbruck). The name does not dream, but you can go there eyes closed.



Despite a defeat of France, (no comment), the local alcohol, the Jäggermeister, helped us to forget this foul goal of Portugal.



Innsbruck is a city that is very pretty, is filled with lovely people, great bars (besides the Magic, you will find a wine bar at the top), super good restaurants, and you will just want to walk through this so beautiful city.

The next day, after a good hangover, we went to take the air in the heights.


-> You can take a cable car that goes to Seegrube then Hafelekar (2274m).

Either you take the ‘metro’ from the center of Innsbruck to Hungerburg, and from here you take the cable car, or you go directly by car to Hungerburg.

The rate is not really given (35euros per person if you leave the city to the very top), but it’s really worth it.


The view from the top is just beautiful. There is a restaurant / self in Seegrube. I can not tell you if it was good (hangover forced, we ate … cucumbers – – ‘), but from what I saw, it looked very good.

If the motivation is pushing you, there are apparently very nice hikes to do, on foot or mountain bike for the craziest.

-> The Ambras Castle (Schloss Ambras), which is in Innsbruck (well, next door), is to see.

It is rather renaissance castle, very pretty, with very relaxing gardens. It’s not ABSOLUTELY to do, but if you have the time, it’s very interesting!


This is the end for Innsbruck, for now (yes we fell in love, so we came back a few days later …), direction Zell am See !


+ Monday, 4 pm

Innsbruck -> Zell am See – 2hours road

So the trip is not long, but stop every two minutes because it’s raining too hard, it slowed down…

Once in Zell am See, we were supposed to go to the campsite, I do not tell you the demotivation thinking to install the tent in this crazy rain!

So we went looking for a hotel … like big sluts.

Zell am See is a pretty little town, especially known for its huge lake.

Only 4/5 star hotels, we started to worries when we stumbled upon a very nice and really cheap little hotel (30 euros a night), not far from the ‘center’, with a restaurant inside more that delicious, and a comfortable room.

Hotel Pinzgauerhof / /

And about the camping (yes we ended up going the next day anyway;)), we took the Seecamp.


Very clean campsite with all possible convenience, beautiful views of the lake, bike rental and pedalo, the places are not very large but largely sufficient for us.

Be careful, on the site there is marked 6 € 50 a night … for the tent. Add 10 euros per person per night for ‘the rest’ plus visitor’s tax.

Campingplatz Seecamp

I had chosen Zell am See because it is a good starting point for many activities, it is a very well placed city.


-> The Krimml Falls ( Krimmler Wasserfälle) at … Krimml 😀 (47mn from Zell am See)

I can only advise you to go absolutely, it’s literally breathtaking.


You have to pay 5euros to enter the hiking trail, there is the waterfall down at the bottom which is beautiful, then you go up, with each time points of view on the fall. The hike is not too difficult, and I think it takes an hour to ride slowly.



-> The Liechtensteinklamm Gorge (38min)

There too, the hike is paying.

At first I did not like it, pay to go in the wild, but I must admit that they really maintain the place, and here for once, it is better that it’s maintained if we don’t want to fall bottom of the gorges 😉



An hour to go back, too, it’s beautiful.

Again, we did it in the rain, little advice, ABSOLUTELY bring a good kway, something waterproof, if you want not like we have to buy a kway a fortune in a lost corner because you thought that in Austria there is nice weather and you’ve taken jerseys and shorts …


-> Grossglockner (1h30)

We could not go down because we had bad weather (which is cool on the Austrian TV, you have channels dedicated to webcams in several places, including Grossglockner, and we saw that we saw nothing down.) So going up a mountain to not see the view, we did not really want.

But I think it’s really worth it what I could hear down there or read.

 -> Salzbourg (1h16)

So we did not go because we preferred to spend time in Innsbruck, but if you have time, stay in Salzburg for at least two days to explore the city, see the castle (the castle Hellbrunn for example) , museums etc …



Thursday, 2 pm

Zell am See -> Sankt Anton am Arlberg

There we go in the mountains, big ski resort in winter, there are not many people in the summer.And guess what, there was sun for our greatest pleasure!


We went to Hotel Gafluna / +436644605830

Frankly, go there with your eyes closed!

It has been for us the best hotel of the trip, very cozy, the manager takes the time to explain to you what has to do nearby (hiking for example), buses, restaurants, and if you do not want to know, he does not insist!

The breakfast was delicious, and the bed … my god ! Absolutely comfortable !

We went to Sankt Anton just to get closer to France, but we ended up having a great evening thanks to the only pub in town that you can easily find, and thanks to the delicious hot dog restaurant next door, held by young nice people.


We are the next day back in France through Switzerland and Annecy (a little advice, Annecy is beautiful but do not go the weekend of July 14;)).



Small precisions :

  •  Gasoline is really much cheaper than in France
  • The food too
  • Cigarettes to
  • ‘Hello’ it’s ‘Halo’ / ‘Thank you’ it’s ‘Danke’ / ‘Please’ it’s ‘Bite’, and ‘Aurevoir’ it’s  » Oviderzen  » (in phonetic eh )


This trip has done us a lot of good, Austria is very welcoming in every sense of the word.

I hope you enjoy this article and that it will help you organize your trip.

















English version – Austria

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